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Food, drink, and good company - the Newfoundland Embassy is a traditional pub and eatery in downtown St. John’s. Featuring live music, comforting food, and even better company!

The ambition of owning their own pub has been something that Brendan and Niall have shared since their early days working in the Industry. The brothers worked in a number of your popular pubs over the years but ultimately left the industry to pursue other interests. As an Electrician Niall worked in rural communities and towns across the Island and devoted significant time to researching local bars and pubs. Brendan did his research while studying in Spain and teaching in China - never missing an opportunity to embrace the local ambience and culture wherever a pub could be found. 

Despite establishing successful careers their love of the industry never left them and they knew they could create something special if the opportunity arose. When opportunity came knocking it was in the form of the Newfoundland Embassy Pub and Eatery and the brothers did not hesitate to return to the Industry as full-time owners and publicans.

The friendliest little pub in the North Atlantic

Brendan & Niall Hickey

The Newfoundland Embassy is a Pub where people experience a warm and welcoming atmosphere, a strong sense of personal safety and acceptance, interesting conversations and of course great food, incredible musicians and the largest selection of pints on tap in the province.  Each and every day we strive to live up to our Motto – The Friendliest Little Pub in the North Atlantic.

Since taking ownership of the Pub the Hickey brothers have worked hard to make their vision a reality. You will always find one of the brothers at the pub pouring pints, mixing a cocktail or serving your food. One thing you will always be able to count on is a quality experience and good conversation. On the chance they take a rare day off you will find the staff of the Pub share the passion and philosophy of the Hickey brothers and your experience will be personal and enjoyable.

The History of Lars Fruit Store

For 49 years, Lar’s was a cornerstone of downtown St. John’s. The fresh fruit and custard cone sellers, Lar and Winnie Crocker, served up fresh fruit, custard cones, and delectable treats like candy apples and chocolates to residents of St. John’s and beyond the overpass – ask anyone who’s been there, and they’ll bring up fond memories of fantastic fruit, decorative details, and delectable custard cones. 

Lar, in his distinguished apron, advertised daily specials on their windows with a combination of lime powder and water. His eye-catching lettering piqued the interest and compliments of tourists and local patrons alike. 

Lar and Winnie were best known for their iconic custard cones. We’re happy to carry on the tradition and history of the building and the Crockers by continuing to serve their iconic custard cone. 

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