at The Newfoundland Embassy

Meet Noah Thomas, originally from the West Coast of Newfoundland and new to town trying to break into the east coast music scene. He’s here to pursue his lifelong passion of all things related to music creation and performing, and to spread positive vibes and kindness, to one stranger at a time.

Noah likes to play a grand mix of genres and songs, so you never know what you might hear on a given night, but he promises he’ll make it worth your time and money. Guaranteed to play a request, as long as he knows it or can find the chords online and make it up.

Noah has been playing music ever since he was in pampers banging on pots and pans and his music teacher aunt said “get this kid in piano lessons”. He also plays the bass with the phenomenal Jesse Hackett from Irishtown NL, and has played many summer festivals and events as a member of his band. Although just getting started at his solo gig, he will promise you a good time if you drop in to see him. The little “friendliest pub in the North Atlantic” was believe it or not his first solo gig, so The Newfoundland Embassy will always hold a little special corner in Noah’s heart. Stay tuned for upcoming gig dates on social media and on the Embassy’s website!

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Instagram: @noah_thomasmusic
TikTok: @noahthomasmusic
YouTube: @noah_thomasmusic
Facebook: Noah Thomas

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