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Good things arise from seeing an opportunity and seizing it. When that opportunity arises between a pub that prides itself on offering the largest selection of beer on tap in Newfoundland and Labrador, and an up and coming brewery, the result is something to look forward to!

 An east-west partnership between the Newfoundland Embassy Pub of St. John’s and the Rough Waters Brewing Company of Deer Lake has created a signature brew called the Ambassador Lager. A  collaborative approach that saw the owners of the Newfoundland Embassy spend several days in Deer Lake with the owners of Rough Waters to create a brand new lager is an inspiring example of youthful entrepreneurship.

The Ambassador Lager is inspired by German Pilsners and their rich brewing history dating back to the 1800s. Originating in Germany, Lager is a category of beer that is brewed at colder temperatures using strains of yeast that sink to the bottom of the tank which tends to create a cleaner crisper taste.

According to Newfoundland Embassy owners Brendan and Niall Hickey the choice of a lager over other brews was simple. “Our customers enjoy the wide variety of beers that we have on tap however the number of locally brewed lagers have been limited. We felt that creating a signature lager that can be enjoyed on tap at the Embassy and is available for purchase in store would broaden the options for beer drinkers in the province “.

Rough Waters believes greatly in working with local businesses to grow our economy and bounce back after a difficult few years. The Embassy is known for being a friendly place and we thought it was the perfect place to work with on this collaboration.

According to Jennifer and Chris of Rough Waters Brewing “Newfoundland has soft water as was originally used for pilsners. Using this information, it allows us to brew a lager that focuses on a clean delicate flavour. This also posed an interesting new challenge to use as these beers do not allow us to hide any flaws. After 3 years of brewing in our location we were ready to take on this challenge. We hope it becomes a staple for light Lager drinkers in the province”.

So, drop on by the Friendliest Little Pub in the North Atlantic and check out the Ambassador Lager!

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