Billy Sutton | NL Embassy

at The Newfoundland Embassy

Billy Sutton is a shining star in the traditional music fabric of Newfoundland and Labrador and is the popular host of the Trad Session at the Newfoundland Embassy Pub and Eatery.  Billy is an award winning Multi-Instrumentalist/Producer/Recording Engineer from Hr. Grace, NL. He currently resides in St. John’s. Billy’s musical ability is evident in the impressive roster of musicians with whom he has worked. A member of the multi award-winning band The Fables, he has also toured, and recorded with such groups as Ron Hynes, ShanneyGanock, The Irish Descendants, The Ennis Sisters, The Matthew Byrne Band, Cordeen, Rum Ragged, and has recently been recruited to join one of Ireland¹s most famous traditional bands, Danú.

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